A little help from my friends *

I have been blogging for three years now (where has that time gone?!) and along the way I have learnt new things, updated my theme, migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress and bought my own domain which has made a lot of difference to my my productivity. But there is always new things to learn and techniques to help so I am always up for some free advice. 

the google checklistI was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Google Checklist which is written by an agency who offer web design in the UK. They are based in Nottingham and also offer SEO for bloggers and online marketing.

The book is very easy to read and is separated into two sections. The first is about creating a Google friendly website and the second is about the world of marketing yourself online.

Having already set up my blog and knowing some of the basics about being google friendly the first section was describing steps that I already knew. I still read through it just incase there was anything I may have missed. It was the shorter of the two sections in the book so very easy to digest.

The second section is what appealed to me most about this book. Although I know some aspects of online marketing, my followers have been slow to rise (although that is largely down the the algorithm that Facebook and Instagram now have in place which seems to affect even the big bloggers). I was particularly keen to learn more about SEO (search engine optimization) and how I could improve that for my blog. Making sure your posts appear in Google searches how you want them to is key to attracting new readers and followers. You always want to try and appear as high up in google searches as possible when someone searches for something you might have blogged about. I am still getting to grips with this and learning to attach search words to the images I attach so they can be found too. Its something so simple but easily forgotten.

the google checklist

I do feel that a lot of the book was aimed at businesses rather than bloggers like myself but I still found it interesting and definitely took away some good tips to help me.

So if you are looking for a handy guide then I would probably give this book a 4/5

And if you are looking for a company to help you with web design in Nottingham or anywhere else then you can find them via the website link attached.

*I was gifted this book to review but all opinions are my own and 100% honest*