A-Z of loves & hates

A-Z of loves & hates

I love a good list and I have got a new monthly post for you lovely readers conveying my loves and hates. I could just do a simple one off post but I have managed to find something for every letter of the alphabet. So this month it will be A – E. I am happy that I have managed to find more things to love than hate and the categories are as random as you like!


Arts – Autumn – Alcohol
Ballet – Books – Burgers
Chocolate – Cats – Christmas
David Tennant – Dirty Dancing Film – Dobby – Devon
Elephants – Encyclopedias



Adverts – Arachnids – Arguing
Big Brother – Blood tests
Celebrity Juice – Cheats
Dogs – Diets
Envelope glue


Is there anything on here you agree with, anything to add?