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Autumn Days

Summer is well and truly over and Autumn is here. I love Summer but I actually do like the Autumn months as long as its not raining every day (hint hint weather in London)!

So here are a few of my favourite things about this seasonal time of year.

1: Leaves
You can’t beat the first leaves that have fallen on the ground which are crisp and beautifully rich in colours of browns and greens. I love it when they are piled up in crisp stacks and you can crunch through them and pretend you are a kid again!

Copyright Angela Hartwell 

2: Scarves
I like a good scarf and as a singer I have to keep my throat warm especially when a show is coming up. I have a vast selection of them ready to come out to play including a tartan one which are everywhere at the moment. New Look have some decent ones at the moment and at reasonable prices too. 

3: Flavoured coffees
Although I have given up coffee for the most part I am certain that I will dip into Starbucks seasonal flavours when they appear. I believe that the  Pumpkin Spiced Latte has come on the menu now, and I love the Gingerbread Latte at Christmas – yummy! 

4: Duvet days
Any excuse to curl up under my duvet and I will take it, but when the weather is miserable and there is nothing you can do without getting cold and wet a duvet day is the only answer. Curled up with a hot chocolate or other hot beverage, chocolate (of course) and a box set or a film and sorted. Do Not Disturb. 

5: Dramas and Strictly 
You always know when Christmas is a’coming as TV is awash with dramas and the real countdown to the big day for me is Strictly Come Dancing (equivalent of Dancing With The Stars US readers). I love it and all the dramas, sequins and music. I dream of the day I could dance like that or be one of the backing singers getting to belt out those tunes every week! Also a must watch these past few years is Downton Abbey – perfect Sunday viewing – comforting like a warm blanket but with plenty of twists and turns. 

Any of your favourites among mine? Let me know what you look forward to in these cold days. 
That’s all for now!
Love and sprinkles 

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