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Autumn Questions TAG

Autumn Questions TAG

Autumn is almost over now that Winter is well and truly on its way. Frost in the mornings and cold evenings are upon us so I thought I better get this Q&A post up asap before it is too late! 

  1. Shirts or Jumpers?
    Jumpers definitely. I like them with a little bit of detail, a logo or a cute animal.
  2. Fairy lights or candles?
    I like both but candles dry the air out and never smell as they should when they burn! I have some fairy lights which are battery operated which I use all year round.
  3. What’s your favourite Halloween movie?
    I am not a Halloween fan and don’t like scary movies.
  4. Are you a pumpkin spiced junkie?
    I only got into pumpkin spiced lattes this year and I did like them even though they are very similar to gingerbread lattes.
  5. Hot Chocolate or Tea?
    In Winter there is nothing like a hot choc with whipped cream. I tried a lovely Salted Caramel flavour the other day which was amazing!
  6. Rain or Fog?
    I would prefer neither but slight drizzle is okay and fog is creepy but at least you don’t get wet.
  7. Do you decorate your home for autumn?
    No only a carved pumpkin on Halloween.
  8. Favourite Vampire?
    Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James Marsters was so hot as this character. Those cheekbones!
  9. Do you have any autumn traditions?
    Not particularly unless you count having to crunch through leaves on a crisp day at least once!
  10. What’s your favourite autumn colour?
    Reds and browns.
  11. Do you like horror movies?
    See question 3!
  12. What’s your favourite autumn scented candle?
  13. Halloween or Thanksgiving?
    Not from the US so don’t celebrate either really. If I had to pick probably Thanksgiving as that is about food and family.
  14. What’s your favourite thing about autumn?
    The colours on the trees, crunchy leaves and crisp fresh days.
  15. Favourite -ber month?
    September – my birthday month!
  16. Do you prefer autumn or winter? Why?
    Autumn as its cold but not wet and you don’t have to wear too many layers.
  17. What’s your Halloween costume dream?
    If I dressed up probably Morticia Adams.
  18. Favourite witch?
  19. Where would you like to spend your Halloween?
    Hiding in darkness from the trick or treaters!
  20. Scarf or hat?
    Hats all the way. I lose scarves.
  21. Favourite tree?
    Any that have copper leaves on them. Or a Christmas tree.
  22. What’s your dream place to visit during autumn?
    I would love to be in New York sometime.
  23. Vampires or Zombies?
  24. Which songs do you listen to in autumn?
    Same as what I do all year round.
  25. Bats or spiders?
    Bats for sure, hate spiders.
  26. A walk in the woods or a walk in the shopping centre?
    Walk in the woods.
  27. What’s your favourite autumn food?
    Anything hot and comforting.
  28. Name a book that makes you think of autumn.
    Harry Potter books.
  29. Halloween party or Halloween movie marathon?
    Party as don’t like Halloween movies
  30. Favourite item of clothing for autumn?
    Hats and boots

Hope you enjoyed finding out what I like and don’t like (Halloween)!

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