Bank holiday blues

So another bank holiday has been and gone and it is the last one until Christmas! Shocking! It was a pretty dull one really as the weather was horrible for the most part. Rain, rain and more rain put paid to plans for a nice walk yesterday. 

I did manage to drag my parents out on Friday for a walk as it was dry for a few hours and we went to a carvery which was rather yummy. We ended up walking for nearly 3 hours so calories consumed were almost certainly worked off! 

Yesterday was just miserable and the kind of day where you just want to wear your PJs, curl up in bed with snacks and tea and watch comforting films. Except when you live with your parents. This kind of behaviour is frowned upon and seen as a waste of a day in my house and im sure im not the only person in this position. 

Now its the first day of September, I am 2 weeks away from my birthday and hopefully will be starting a new job this month (Ive been offered a job but the start date has not been organised) and then my goal is that before the end of the year I will be moving out. I also have a blogger event coming up, a couple of trips to look forward to and a theatre trip with my best mate from University who lives in Bristol so I don’t see him as often as I would like. Lots to look forward to so, so long Summer and hello Autumn (I actually love this season).

What did you get up to this weekend and what are your plans for Autumn?