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Blog news!

I have some very exciting news regarding my blog!
I have been writing this for over 2 years now which is amazing in itself and for the past year I have not written as much as I would have liked, or been able to update it partly due to time and partly as have had no laptop for the past six months. 

Hopefully I will be getting a new laptop very soon and because of this I have decided to migrate my blog from blogger to wordpress. I have been dabbling with the idea for ages and it looked a bit daunting and complicated. However I have read up on how to do it step by step and some blogs have helped too and I think I can do it. I have also purchased my domain name as there was an excellent deal thanks to (99p for a year!) And I have gone with them for the wordpress hosting too as again there was a good deal (99p per month for a year) and their package and customer service seems to be what I need. This does mean that for a week or two whilst I import my old posts and sort out the photos and links etc to work with the new format my blog might be a bit awol. But when it is done this is what there is to look forward too;

1. A new domain name
2. A new updated theme
3. A new instagram handle @carriesclosetblog
4. Updated facebook page
5. New personal email to connect with me
I hope you will all come with me on this new part of my blogging journey!