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Blogging goals…how am I doing?

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Back in January I had some goals for my blog which you can read here. Now we are halfway through August and time to check up on how I am doing!

Increase followers: We all know how hard it is to get genuine followers these days and the algorithm of Instagram and Twitter makes it so hard. But my social media followers have increased on all channels so thank you! And for the majority they are sticking around so no follow/unfollow rubbish going on

Increase posts: Since last month I have committed myself to writing two blog posts a week. Every Sunday and Wednesday. So far I have kept it up (only one day missed so far). I try and write a few in one go and schedule them which definitely eases the pressure of getting them out on time. Then if something comes up or I get a migraine and cant type I am sorted. I have managed to write ideas for all posts until the end of October so far and have a list of topics I want to include for future posts too.

Interact with other bloggers: I am getting better at joining other chats on twitter and commenting on peoples blogs and Instagram photos. I think that has definitely helped increase my traffic. When I last checked my traffic was predominantly from Twitter and Facebook and then Instagram. I think that is down to clickable links.

Go to events: Well this has not happened yet but I am hopeful that something will come up soon and when it does hopefully I will be able to attend!

So all in all good progress I think. Definitely enjoying it again more than before and working hard on it. I think as long as you are still passionate about what you write then thats the most important thing.