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Boots Haul

Hello everyone 🙂

Firstly I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog and following me on the various social media platforms. I have five followers on bloglovin already so a good start – if you have not done so yet then please do follow me would be great! And keep your feedback and comments coming, really do appreciate it.

Secondly – and most importantly one feels – I went to Boots and spent lots! My bank account hates me, but Boots love me and the products I got I have used and so shall proceed to tell you all about them and what I think honestly.
I like my hair, one of the few things I like about myself and so I like to try out products to make it shiny, style it when I can and if I see things recommended, try them. My hair is pretty long and very thick and is difficult to curl and style but I persevere.

First purchase was some dry shampoo to replace my used one. I tend to go with Batiste with a hint of colour. I love the smell of the tropical ones, but as my hair is dark I do worry about there being white patches left if I am in a hurry, so with this I know it won’t happen. I don’t think there is a girl who does not have this in their collection it is a god send especially if like me you don’t wash your hair everyday. Another essential was hairspray – Boots extra firm hold. As I am experimenting with plaits and things at the moment I need something to hold it in place and I have used this before and it brushes out very easily which is an important thing for me – don’t want hard hair! The first new thing I am trying is Schwarzkopf beach matt texturizing salt spray. I have been wanting to buy a salt spray for ages and was planning on getting the ‘bumble and bumble’ one which I have seen in many magazines. However that was £9.50 and this was on offer at £2.71 so me being thrifty I went for the latter option. I have not used it yet and I am keen to see if it works on my mass of locks so I shall report back when I do. The other new purchase are some clear plastic bands for my hair which I hope won’t break and will be ideal when I am doing braids and want bands that don’t show.
I actually bought all these items in this blog in two separate shopping trips and the items in the second picture were in the second round. Boots have a special offer on skincare at the moment ‘3 for 2’ so I found myself with an extra item that was not on my list but has turned out to be my favourite thing of them all! I needed to buy some sort of face powder to set my make up which I have not used in years.  I do not like anything too heavy as prone to spots so I picked up Natural Collection loose powder in Neutral. I have used it with a nice soft brush and really like it, I don’t feel too ‘set’ and my skin still feels like it is able to breathe. I also wanted to buy a make up brush to use for my eyeshadows and I spied these Eco Tools Ultimate Shadow Duo which has all the different heads I need for application and blending so no excuses for rubbish eyeshadow now! I saw Zoella recommend the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream on her youtube channel so thought I would give that a try as again its light on the skin and makes you look a bit more fresh on those non make up days. I have used it a couple of times and so far so good and I like the fact it has SPF15 too. Another recommendation on her blog some time ago was the Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream. Now I have used S & G stuff before which smell amazing and I particularly like their scrub. I have to say I have tried this three nights in a row and I am not impressed. I hate the smell of it, not their usual fragrant aroma it smells a bit like fruit tea?! My feet in the morning do not feel any softer particularly my heels and I did slather a fair amount on so sadly I am a bit disappointed. I wont be buying that again and have gone back to Avon Heel Softening Cream which is a lot cheaper and my heels feel ten times softer. I noticed that Avon also do an overnight foot cream so might try that. Finally my surprise purchase which I ended up getting for free as part of the promotion was Simple Nourishing Eye Make Up remover. This is amazing! I have recently started using a new mascara which is great for making my eyelashes look huge but wont budge with usual make up remover. One swipe with this beauty and off it comes! Love it. And its fragrance free and natural so bravo to Simple will definitely buy this again promotion or no promotion.
So that is it. A fair few items to keep me going for a bit. I have to admit to loving Boots and have to avoid going in there a lot as otherwise will buy something every time! I did use my points* to get some of the things as it did not dent my bank account so hard!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my haul and I will blog again soon with my recent clothes haul from Very and Primark. Let me know if you have used any of these things, or items you like and would recommend would love to hear from you.
Ta ra for now!
Love and sprinkles
* (Advantage Card points for those outside the UK you accumulate every time you buy something and then can use to buy something fabulous at a later date when you have saved them up!)