Christmas Blog | Songs

Its Christmas! (Well only 3 weeks to go) I am making this clear, I am not doing Blogmas. I’ve neither the time or willpower to write a blog post every single day for 25 days. Bravo to all you bloggers and vloggers that do though . I am just writing an extra post per week in the run up as an extra treat. Hope you enjoy!


Christmas is not Christmas without the music. Come the first of December and out come the CDs with the old classics. There are now radio stations dedicated to festive tunes all day long. Anyway here are a few of my favourites from pop to classical.

First and furious to sing but I love this classic carol and this year it features in the Waitrose Christmas advert.

Come on its not Christmas without this song!

Likewise with this classic. Put your hands up if you pretend you are Mariah from time to time?! Love Actually features this song too which gave it a whole new fan base.

This might not be a cheery video or tune but cant deny those beautiful dulcet tones of the dearly missed George Michael give you goosebumps.

Another classic carol often sung at church carol services. Sung well it gives me a shiver up and down my spine. Amazing how music can evoke such emotion!

Just a little selection of a few of my favourites. Any of these your favourites? Do you prefer cheesy pop versions to classic carols or are you a Scrooge and hate it all?! Let me know 🙂