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Clothes Haul

Evening everyone from a very sticky London! I love summer but my hay fever is a nightmare at the moment I feel like I permanently have a cold!

My Boots haul post went down well with you readers and on Instagram so I thought I would follow up with my clothes haul which was over a few weeks I would like to point out and included a lot of sales items and of course Primark! And being summer I needed a revamp of my wardrobe and add some colour 🙂

New Look – After having a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment with a summer dress a few weeks ago (i.e skirt blowing up around my ears) I decided I needed a longer skirt to wear with some basic vest tops and some comfy shorts which were a decent length and not too tight fitting. I popped onto the New Look website and saw these items in the sale which I thought looked colourful and summery and the shorts with a slightly higher waist are everywhere at the moment. I went into my local store but they had neither item which was disappointing, I ordered them online and had them sent to my store free of charge with their ‘Click and Collect’ service. I really like this as it means no extra delivery cost and you get ten days to pick up the item at your convenience. I got them home and to my delight both fitted and the skirt looks a lot nicer on than I thought it would and is thicker material than it appears with a nice crinkle effect. The skirt unfortunately is no longer available but it was £7.00 reduced from £19.99 and they have a lot of other skirts in a similar style. The shorts were £14.99 normal price they only seem to have them in Tall on the website which is what I have linked to – but again a lot of the same style in different colours still available. 

Very – I love this online retailer but it is dangerous as if you have an account like I do then you don’t always realise that you are spending money – sounds stupid but anyone who has an account with them or ASOS will know what I mean. Then they sent me an email encouraging me to buy as they had an extra 60% off only until 9am the next morning! I am weak and so my little fingers were typing in the address before you can say ‘shopping’! I did have items in mind however so did not mindlessly buy clothes I do not need.

I have been looking for a maxi dress for ever and the reason I have not found one despite the shops being filled to the brim with them is because they are all too long – ditto the jumpsuit. I am 5″4. Not tall but not petite according to the size charts (that is 5″3 and under). I have pretty long legs too for my small height but the length of some of these babies are ridiculous! I refuse to pay £22 for a jumpsuit only to have to chop a very large amount off of it and take it up! With this in mind I decided to browse the petite section and happened across this rather eye-catching elasticated strapless maxi dress. It came in this colour and an aztec print but I opted for this as it is a colour I NEVER wear and as I am trying to step out of my comfort zone with fashion I jumped in. I looked at the reviews and someone of my height said it was a perfect length for them – sold to the lady hovering over the ‘add to basket’ button! I bought a size up from my usual as I needed the elasticated bust section to be ample enough as I am larger chested than the average size 8 person. It fits like a dream and the length is spot on, there is no way the usual size would be any good at all. I love it and getting used to the colour slowly! My next selection was this rather fetching jumpsuit by ‘Glamorous’. The monochrome look is very in this year (when is it ever out really?) and I have a family meal coming up where I want to look classy but comfortable and thought this would fit the bill. I was not too sure if it would look good or whether it would fit etc but it was a steal at £12.16 (yes odd amount but something to do with extra sale money off) instead of £32 so in it went. I really was not sure when it came out the packaging but I LOVE it! It has tapered legs and has generous sizing so fits really nicely. You can wear it casual with some sandals in the day or smarten it up with heels and a nice necklace in the evening I really cannot wait to wear it and will post a photo when I do. It is still available for only £16 and I would definitely recommend it.

In terms of crop tops I am tempted but my body is screaming NOOOOOOOO! I am not as toned as I used to be so feel I should leave them to the young ‘uns but I did spy this cute little vest top which ties up at the front which was a compromise. I like the pattern and the fit and think it will look good with cropped jeans or shorts. Finally I needed some shrugs which are great in the summer to cover up in the evening over dresses or tops. Very do a choice of colours but I opted for safe black which came with a bright pink. Both of these items are still available and in the sale.

Primark – The legend that is Primark or Primarni as me and my mates at University used to call it. I have bouts of shopping there and then I do not go there for months and months. I went there on  a mission and armed with a list last week. I had briefly scoured their website for some ideas and knew what I wanted and was not going to be swayed by the allure of their cheap clothes. I came away with what I wanted and pretty happy and not too much cash lighter.


A nice little skater style dress was first on my list and I spied this cute little stripe ‘Sailor’ style at a bargain price of £5. I tried it on over my outfit as you do (I find the heat and mirrors too distressing in changing rooms) and it seemed OK and it is. Cute, summery and hopefully will be an O.O.T.D soon. Next I spied this very bright vest top with flamingos on it – it was actually on a mannequin in the window and I liked the look of it. Pink, like orange, is not a colour I like or wear but this just screams holidays and beach and fun to me and I like the fact its loose fitting and will go with anything and only £4. They also have other styles with butterflies and little boats on and had tonnes of small sizes in. Not so good if you are a size 14 or above, they seemed to have sold out of this size in all styles. Denim shorts. A staple of the summer wardrobe for sure. I do own a pair, also Primark, but they are very short and I never wear them without leggings or dark tights. (My confidence is not that good yet). I liked the idea of some boyfriend shorts and these were only £10. As my other pair are a size up, I did the same with these but I think they must come up small as these are tight and I have muffin top going on. Now I am a size 8 and not overweight by any means although I am carrying a few extra pounds I would rather see the back of. I should really swap them for the next size up but I am using it as an incentive to lose those pesky pounds. Otherwise they are a good style and length. Finally clothes wise I bought some shoes! I have seen this style everywhere and have had my eye on them for a little while. I tried some on in Sainsburys but the 5 was too small and the 6.5 was too big 🙁 These are a 6 and fit me perfectly and I can not wait to wear them, they feel so comfy and I never find shoes too fit me so you can understand my excitement at this! They are a  lovely tan colour which again is not something I usually wear so I am definitely branching out and only £6 which was half the price of the Sainsburys ones. 
A couple of cheap items I flung into the basket were a make up brush to apply foundation and concealer which was only £1.50 and a fold away bag which has a very Cath Kitson style pattern to it and only £1. With shops charging for plastic bags everywhere these days, this is an item that everyone needs to carry in their handbag now and Primark have a few designs and only for £1. No excuses.
Phew so that was a bit of haul wasn’t it? Sorry if I have rambled on too much,

Let me know what you think and if you didn’t like it or did like it would love to know your thoughts.

Thanks again for reading and I  have lots of ideas for blogs so please do share and like and post your links for me to read too.
Love and sprinkles