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Cold Comforts

It is a sure sign of Winter when you get your first cold of the year. (And I am hoping my last!). I hate getting colds, the horrible continuous sneezing, blowing your nose and sore throats yuck!
This week I have been battling to keep mine under control. Day 4 and its subsided a lot since Monday, sore throat gone just a very snotty nose (over share sorry!)
So what do I need to get me through it all? I am a girl of simple tastes and don’t need much to cheer me up, so here are just a few must haves.

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1. Paracetamol
I am not a believer in all these fancy expensive cold and flu tablets that are marketed every year. They are basically paracetamol with caffeine in most cases and then charge tonnes for it. Basic plain Paracetamol for less than 50p taken 3-4 times a day is the way to go. 

2. Water
Plenty of this amazing if boring stuff. If you can’t digest tea or coffee (which when I have a bad throat I cant as it coats my throat and causes more mucus) then you have limited options. I don’t like squashes either so water is an obvious choice and if you keep a bottle at hand you can easily get through a litre a day without realising it which really helps flush out the virus.

3. Steam inhaler
This is a must have item for singers anyway as it opens up your airways but when you are blocked up its a good things to inhale 2-3 times a day to help unblock everything and clear your head. 

4. Covonia Throat Lozenges/Cough Syrup
I am quite fussy when it comes to lozenges. I can’t eat any which have lemon or honey in them as they make me feel sick. These I can just about stomach and do help and you can have quite a few a day. Also there is a cough syrup by the same company which got rid of my bad throat in 24 hours I kid you not. Its for dry and tickly coughs and is strong but really works. 

5. Treats
A poorly girl needs some treats so some full fat Coca Cola always makes me feel better. I don’t drink pop/fizzy drinks really only as a treat once in a while as a) worried my teeth will rot and b) looking after my diet. But when you are ill rules go out the window. I am also a chocoholic so any excuse to indulge even when dairy is not a great idea and I am on it. A bar of something yummy like Galaxy or Dairy Milk and I am happy. 

Hopefully by the weekend I will be back to full fitness – sure hope so as have a busy day Saturday! 
Any of you lot got your go-to remedies for colds would love to hear please do comment below!
That’s all for now!

Love and sprinkles

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