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Commuting playlist

Commuting playlist

Travelling long distance can be a bit boring and listening to music is something I have always done. I went away last week for a few days and thought I would share with you the music I listened to on my journey. I compiled a holiday playlist on my ancient ipod of various tunes from all different genres. See how many you might know of some of my favourites from the list!


Muse – Sing for Absolution
One of my favourite bands. Seen them live they are amazing.

Roxette – Queen of Rain 
Child of the 80s so they have been on my radar for years. Must of Been Love is a classic of theirs from Pretty Woman if you have never heard of them.

Take That – Said It All
I have talked a lot about this band on here and having seem them recently they had to go on my playlist. This tune is quite melancholy but I like it.

Enya – May It Be
This is from Lord of the Rings and takes me back to those years of watching the films and waiting every year for the next instalment. Good times.

Michael Jackson – Beat It
Classic tune by an amazing artist. The first few notes are so iconic and you immediately know its this song

Girls Aloud – Call The Shots
Bit of pop cheese and I really like this song its very catchy

George Michael feat Mutya – This Is Not Real Love 
I forgot I had this on my itunes and it was a duet that was released many years ago featuring Sugarbabes Mutya. George was always one of my favourite male solo artists and I still find it hard to believe he is no longer with us. Such a sad loss but his music will always live on.

Faithless – God is a DJ
Over the past week or so I have been listening to some very old dance tunes on Spotify. We are talking Tocas Miracle, Sandstorm, 9pm til I come, Let Me Be Your Fantasy….if you are not a product of the 90s/noughties dance scene these will mean nothing to you but I spent many a night dancing to these songs in dingy, dark warehouse clubs and it was fun! Those tunes still feature now on compilation CDs from Ministry of Sound so they were obviously classics 🙂 I need to get one so I can put a playlist on my ipod of them!

Ash – Twilight of the Innocents
Another old band who I love watching live. Saw them last year with my best mate and that was my fourth time seeing them in various venues. I love watching live gigs and used to do it alot. This year I have booked a few gigs into the calendar and most of them I am going alone!

So there is an insight into my pretty eclectic taste. What do you listen to when you travel?