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Dating in the 21st Century

Dating in the 21st Century

Regardless of what age you are, dating in today’s society is hard. The rise and rise of social media makes it harder and not easier to meet people. People hide behind computers and you just do not know who you are meeting. Dating sucks. I know this as I am dipping my toe into the world of dating once more. It does not get easier, confidence is low. But I am open to trying new ways of meeting people. It can’t be that hard surely?!

One of the obstacles I face is that I am pretty much the only single gal amongst my friends. Marriage, babies, long term partners are all in their lives. Me however not so much. I do have a friend who is also single (ladies let me know if you are interested in a gem of a guy I will hook you up!) and I managed to persuade him that speed dating is the way to go. I have attempted this before many years ago, not successful for me. However I know it has worked for others I wont name names but 11 years later with child I would say is a success story! And although my mate lives in Norfolk he happened to be venturing to the old smoke of London for a week and so we booked a speed dating night on Halloween.

The night

Scary night, and nervous people but we bit the bullet and headed into London. After a couple of dutch courage drinks we went to the bar where the event was being held. The room was set up with the tables but literally no one else was there. After about 30 minutes we spied a couple of guys venturing in and decided to go for it. Long story short, me and another lady were the only ones to turn up of the female sex and six guys. That kind of odds seems great but it does not make a speed dating event. After waiting some more time the event organiser decided to call it a night and offered us our money back.

Finishing up our drinks a bit disappointed one of the guys said that a few of them were going to have some food upstairs and perhaps we should just all have a drink. So four of the guys and us two ladies did just that. We sat and chatted for the remainder of the night and had a drink and chatted. Far more civilised!

This is not how an event is supposed to go. You are meant to have 6 minutes with each person and then a bell rings and you move on. You then write whether you liked them or not on a scorecard and the next day (hopefully) your email inbox pings with matches. This is what is meant to happen.

The verdict

It was a random night but actually it was a good one. And it certainly made me realise that internet dating just isn’t for me. I am a people person and like to chat to people face to face. That way you can suss out what they are like, how they interact with you, speak, act around others. A real life human! Shock! It has made me less scared of going out and meeting people in the future – heck I have even booked another event!

I would recommend doing one of these if you are on the market. Often after the event the bar is open for you to mingle, so if someone has caught your eye then why wait until the match happens. Go for it!

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