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December Book Reviews

December Book Reviews

Seeing as it was December, Christmas themed stories had to feature in my book review. And both of them were as festive as you like brimming with all the nostalgia you could shake a sleigh bell at! So grab your gingerbread latte and snuggle up with one of these two. (Just didnt have time to read more)

The Little Christmas Kitchen by Jenny Oliver
Two sisters, two locations, two differing lives. Family politics and a Christmas that Ella will never forget and that is what this comforting festive read is all about. I really liked it and the author has other books of a similar vibe which I might just look up. 4/5

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

I was dipping in and out of this all month.  I found it a bit slow to be honest and found it hard to find the main characters likeable. Maybe it was just me not being in right frame of mind or something. Love on the slopes is the premise of this book. I have another in the series too but yeah bit disappointing.  2.5/5

*I am joining in with a readathon for next few weeks. I am attempting to read Lord of the Rings trilogy in 9 weeks so I might not have time for other books so wont be able to post monthly favourites*

Happy New Year!