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Festive Favourites

Festive Favourites

I love this time of year and here are a few things I enjoy the most.

  1. Festive coffees: Unless you live under a rock or dont use social media then the main high street coffee shops do special flavour coffees at Christmas. And they do them in very photographic cups! My favourites are the gingerbread latte and salted caramel cappuccino. I really want to try the Costa hot chocolates too.
  2. Festive films: Sometimes a cheesy afternoon Christmas movie on channel 5 is all you need, or crying to The Snowman or singing along to Frozen. But Christmas is not Christmas without a feel good film.  You can read about my favourites here.
  3. Baking: I love baking but the smells of cinnamon, spices and cooking just makes the home more homely and festive. I like making cinnamon biscuits (recipe soon) and my alternative Christmas cake recipe here
  4. Wrapping presents: I like to do my wrapping in a couple of big sessions. I love wrapping up presents and adding ribbons, bows, handwritten tags etc its a big part of the joy of giving them for me and like to take time over it.
  5. Carols and Christmas songs: 1st December and out come the Christmas CDs. I have a collection of CDs and vinyl that make an appearance every year now. It ranges from classical and choirs to the classic best album in the world….ever! (If you dont have this album I demand you purchase it now we have had it playing in our house since cassette tapes were the thing!)

Thats my favourites. What do you like to do?


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