Film review: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Forgive the absence its been a hectic few weeks lots of life ‘stuff’ going on!
Anyway I managed to fit in a trip to the cinema a couple of weeks ago to see the new offering in the Mission Impossible franchise. I love Tom Cruise have been a fan for many many years and there are only a few films he has done which I have not seen. So there you go.

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I was a bit apprehensive as to whether there was still life in this series of films and the ending to Ghost Protocol alluded to the fact that Mr Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise would be stepping his spy life aside and handing the baton over to Jeremy Renner. However last year the franchise was seen filming in London and Tom was seen doing a few shall we say jaw dropping stunts (hanging off the side of a plane anyone?!)

I have to say without giving too much away the plane stunt is amazingly ridiculous and you do wonder what he cant do! There is a fair amount of action, underwater filming, stunts and chases as you would expect and yes the plot is as usual a byline really to all that but it was thoroughly enjoyable. (And a half naked Tom helps!)

A couple of other returnees are in this film; Ving Rhames returns as Luther (the only other cast member to feature in all 5 films) and Simon Pegg as IT nerd Benji. The boss is this time played by Alec Baldwin and the eye candy is provided by Rebecca Ferguson. The baddie is played by UK actor Sean Harris who has the kind of face which lends itself to nasty roles. Also look out for Tom Hollander (Rev) in a nice little role as the Prime Minister. Nice to see some British acting talent up there against the big guns of Hollywood!

I loved the London scenes it always looks so good on screen and not surprised that Mr Cruise loves filming here. Will there be another story in this series? I feel that it should probably end here but there is an announced production on along with rumours that Top Gun 2 is in the pipeline! 

I would give it 9/10 and cant wait for the film to come out on DVD to add to my Cruise collection! 

That’s all for now!

Love and sprinkles