Film review: Spectre

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I finally saw the latest instalment of the Bond franchise this week before it is pushed aside in cinemas for Star Wars.

I have grown up with Bond. Roger Moore was the Bond of my childhood and Sunday afternoons were often spent watching an old classic. I have seen most of them now (although not as big a fan as my sister) but only own a few on DVD and most of them are the latest ones starring Daniel Craig. 
I knew of Craig as an actor before he became Bond and thought he was a good one. But he did not appeal to me on a shallow level (I prefer dark hair and dark eyes) so when he was announced as the new 007 I was not convinced that I would necessarily find him a sexy Bond. But I hold my hands up and apologise to Mr Craig for he is. Very much so.

Anyway on to Spectre. So much hype and speculation about this one. It has felt like a lifetime to wait since Skyfall and that had a lot to live up too. Did it? Mostly yes. It was full of action, women and *spoiler* Mi5 blowing up and I was hooked from the get go. The opening scene was brilliant and had you holding your breath for most of it! Sam Smiths song made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up during the credits such a haunting voice. 

I wont go into details of the story line as lets face it there is never much of one really when you think about it. The only negatives if there is any is that I think Andrew Scott as ‘C’ was underused and we could have done with some more of him. Also the amount of coverage about how the Bond girl was a Bond ‘woman’ and how great that is (which it is) was ridiculous when she was only in it for about ten minutes! I did like Christoph Waltz and loved the comedy of Q aka Ben Wishaw.

I know there has also been a lot written about whether or not Daniel will do another one. I love him as Bond don’t get me wrong. But when you see this and realise how things have been connected up it does feel like it is rounding things off and his time is up. I do hope not and I would love Sam Mendes and him to team up to do another but if the time has come for a new man to step into his shoes then I can understand why. (BTW casting directors Richard Armitage would be a great Bond or James Norton). 

Overall you have to see this on the big screen first and foremost its THE only way to see Bond. 


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