First post :)

So this is my blog and this is my first post!
I welcome you all and I promise this will look fabulous once I know what I am doing!
I have been inspired to write this due to reading blogs and watching videos over the past few weeks and also I have been doing a 30 day overhaul of mind, body and clothing! Basically eating healthier, exercising more and being braver in what to wear and taking more care of my make up and cleansing routines. I have to say its working, I have worn two outfits in the past two weeks that have been sitting in my wardrobe unloved and I am so glad I wore them! No one is looking at what I am wearing, they are too concerned with what they look like and what they are doing to worry about little old me! And the more I think and believe that then the more I will wear what I want to rather than settling for trusted jeans 🙂

So I will post more when it looks better and I will post about my skincare, fashion, lifestyle etc 

Thats it for now, let me know what you want to hear about/see etc and I will do my best!

Love and sprinkles