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I have kick started my healthy exercise and eating regime with gusto! I am determined to get to my goal weight by my birthday.

My first goal was to start swimming once a week, which for the past month I have stuck to. Unfortunately my local pool does not look like the one in the photo but its a decent pool. If you want to start swimming on a regular basis then I have some top tips to keep you healthy, keep you focused, and also some beauty tips!

  • If you want to do serious lap swimming then check your local pool/leisure centre for ‘lane swims’ that way you haven’t got to swim around people that are just there for a chat. They also do adult swims and women only swims at my pool if you want even more peace and quiet!
  • If you intend to go more than once a week it might be worth investing in a membership. Some leisure centres do swimming only memberships which are cheaper than an all inclusive one.
  • Buy a decent costume. Don’t worry about vanity here, a sports costume is by far the best option it sucks you in and keeps you in so the last thing you will be worried about is bikini straps breaking or untying!
  • Set yourself a target. Post operation last year I only managed 12 lengths before I had to stop. The next time I managed 20. This past month I have gone from 22 – 34 laps (of a 25 metre pool). I eventually want to get to to 50 but mini goal posts keep you focused.
  • Buy some decent swimming goggles. You will look freaky and get strange marks around your eyes after for a while but hey ho!
  • Protect your skin. I use a moisturiser before and after the swim otherwise my face can feel a bit tight. No particular brand really just anything which absorbs quickly.
  • If like me you colour your hair protect it! Use a cap perhaps for the first swim after dying it but my hairdresser said after a few days and a wash it should not be porous enough to absorb the chlorine. Otherwise for every swim I use Boots Sun Swim and Gym protection masque before I go in and then the shampoo for coloured hair in the shower afterwards. My hair is even softer these days than it was before! You can buy their range here and they currently have 2 for £5 offer on.
  • If you cant leave the house without mascara and have to use public transport to get to the pool then Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara is the business. After a swim I swear it is still there!
  • Enjoy it! Exercise is meant to be to keep you fit but if you don’t enjoy it then you wont stick to it. Go with a friend or family member if they want to keep fit too.
  • Finally eat something healthy afterwards. When I was a kid I used to go straight to the chocolate machine afterwards, but I realise now that kind of defeats the object. A banana is always a good bet or a sandwich. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the rest of the day too.
Anyway that is it for now. Any other regular swimmers out there? Any other tips? Leave a comment and let me know.
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