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Holiday Essentials

Everyone has some essentials that they take with them on on holiday whether its in your hand luggage or a must item in your toiletries bag. These are mine.

travel tips
Passport, Wallet

I shall start with the obvious. Passport. Can not go anywhere abroad without it. I also have this rather lovely leather wallet which was a present many years ago. It has separate areas for your passport, boarding pass, zip pocket for cash and card pockets. It is handy to just carry that around in your hand luggage so when you need to flash your ID, and these days you have to do it a few times before you get through security, you have everything in one place. 
travel tips
Top – Bach Rescue Remedy, ipod, bottle of water
Bottom – Tanya Burr lipgloss, Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream

My other essentials are things that I need for the flight and basic make up items. Firstly Bach Rescue Remedy. I used to use this a lot in my days of panic attacks but stopped carrying it with me when I got them under control. When I flew last month it was the first time in five years and I was worried I would suffer an attack. I used a few drops of this before I left home and just before taking off. Whether or not it worked I could not tell you, I wonder if its more of a psychological thing, but I flew with no problems so I will take it next time just in case. I did not actually use my ipod during the flight as I was with a friend, but if flying alone it can be useful to just zone out and listen to some therapeutic music, or in my case a holiday play list. And of course a bottle of water is a must. If you fly with low cost airlines nothing is free so after you get through security buy some from a shop before you board, it will save you a lot of money. 

In terms of make up I like to go low key on holiday. I also like to take just hand luggage which means small amounts of creams and 100ml bottles of things. I decided to forgo my usual moisturiser and instead just took this Simple Radiance Cream which I bought and blogged about here. I bought it way back in July last year and I am still using the same bottle! It contains SPF15 which was ideal for the climate I had in the South of France and gave my skin a nice glow. (Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer on Simple products). Finally a lipgloss which I wrote about recently here by Tanya Burr was the perfect colour and product to wear on a daily basis and I am definitely taking that on my next holiday.
What are your holiday essentials I would love to hear about them?
Love and sprinkles
PS I could not write this blog without mentioning those who perished in the recent plane disaster this week. May they rest in peace. #germanwings