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I heart Lindsey Kelk

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I love it when an author you had never heard of crosses your path and then you fall in love with their books. This is exactly what happened when I got a free copy of ‘I heart New York’ by Lindsey Kelk with my GLAMOUR magazine some years ago. I immediately identified with the main character as her name is Angela, she had just broken up with someone and she liked to write. All like me. She then jets off to New York to start over. Not like me but something I would love to do if it wasn’t for the pesky visa situation. 

So I devoured that first book and immediately scoured charity shops for any of the others in the series. I was lucky enough to find a couple and since then I have added to the collection culminating in a stack of the ‘I heart’ series as well as her ‘Single Girls To Do List’

I just love the characters and the adventures that Angela goes on and it just makes me want to pick up my bag and laptop and go jetting off and write my blog on a beach somewhere. But I live in the real world where I need a job to pay the bills and blogging is a part time hobby at the moment. Maybe one day……

I would also love to have a hot boyfriend who happens to be in a band taking me out on dates so you know if anyone is interested feel free to contact me 😉
lindsey kelk booksIts a fantasy world and I love it and I am just about to dive into ‘I heart London’ which I got for Christmas. She has decided to stop writing about these characters for the foreseeable which is a shame but I urge you to go and buy a copy of any of them (I heart NY is the first in the series) and you can get it from Amazon or any other well known bookstore. Or pop into your local charity shop for old copies or even the library! 

Anyone else read this series? Love them as much as me? Let me know 🙂

Love and sprinkles