I’m still alive!

I know its been weeks since my last blog but in my defence it has been a super stressful time.

Job situation has been very up and down and currently in no mans land which means no money total rubbish!

For the past 12 days I have been coughing and coughing and feeling pretty rough. I don’t get coughs and colds that often (had a stinker of one in New Year which was first in months and months) and sore throats are even rarer but I felt like I had swallowed razor blades.  Not fun. Happily its on its way out hurrah so I can finally get out and about a bit.

It’s Easter this weekend which means chocolate and yummy food and spending time with family. What plans do you lot have?

Anyway I have some blogs planned involving theatre, wishlists and recipes so keep reading!

Happy Easter all