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January Blues…..I don’t think so!


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January is a funny old month. The bank account is looking a bit sparse, the weather is a bit iffy and summer seems a long way away. I have spoken before on here about being sad in January and booking or planning things to look forward too and I tell you it works! So here are a few tips if you suffer from post Christmas blues or worse SAD or depression. 1. Plan something.  It might just be a trip to the theatre, cinema or a holiday. It could be in a few days or months but its an event to look forward too. I have some things in pipeline including a theatre trip and holiday and cant wait. If you have a few spare pennies for a deposit or cinema outing then do it!

2. Get some fresh air. If you suffer from SAD this is vital and depression also. I had a gap of 6 days between work shifts recently and got into a bad routine of not being able to sleep then napping until about 2pm. It gets dark at 4.30pm so that is way too little daylight and I didnt go out at all. Its not surprising I felt sluggish and tired and fed up. After 3 days of work and being out in fresh air I feel tonnes better. Even if its just a ten minute walk around the block, or having your lunch outside – get outside!

3. See or connect with friends or family. Spend time with those who make you laugh and happy. My friends are scattered all around the UK but I try my best to keep in touch via phone,  WhatsApp or in the flesh. Building new friendships too is important which is always a bit scary but even at my grand old age I’m making new ones.

4. Make some resolutions, goals or don’t!  There have literally been tonnes of these posts over past two weeks from bloggers. Some making resolutions,  some berating them. I think whatever keeps you motivated and happy is all that matters. I haven’t made a list of goals yet for my personal life but blogging goals yup you can read that right here.

5. I always think you should never look back lifes too short. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, everyone is on a different road. Easier said than done I know. However I am looking back to this time last year with a smile. I’m in such a different place personally, professionally and with my blog. I hope that this year is a continuation of that happiness. If it helps you on the gloomy days then think back to an event or situation that made you happy.

Thats all for now. Hope you have a happy January!