Jobs I have done

Jobs I have done

I have a list as long as my arm of blog posts for this month and the next, but finding the old mojo to actually sit and do them is proving elusive. Anyhow thought I would whack up a list of jobs that I have done since entering the world of work. Which was many many years ago. 

First jobs

My first ever job was babysitting. Pretty standard for a lot of people. Friends of the family, two kids who were pretty good and got to drink tea and watch tennis. Winner.
The first proper paid big girl job was working in a post room as an assistant. It was for a big property development company. It consisted of delivering mail to the offices and sorted post in a little room with a bunch of other people. I hated it as was not allowed to speak to the secretaries on my rounds! I lasted a few months.

College jobs

Whilst studying at college which was full time, I got a part time job in a call centre. Hideous. Cold calling people at home to see if they would like someone to visit them to discuss getting a new kitchen. The answer predominantly was no and other choice words. I hated it.
Getting a new job in Superdrug working on weekends and then full time during the holidays was much better. I loved it largely due to the people I worked with. I also spent a large proportion of my wages in there as I am a magpie for beauty products which is true to this day. Slight downside but was great all the same. I was there for about 18 months.

Post college

As I wanted to go travelling, I got a full time job working in Starbucks. Early mornings but again due to the people I enjoyed my time there. I was there for about six months before I embarked on my travels. When I got back from my backpacking I worked in various theatres on and off for four years before heading to University. I LOVED working there (photo is from one such theatre job) and miss my colleagues to this day we had a lot of fun.

After University

I graduated quite a few years ago now and since then my longest employment has been back at a theatre. Which I loved but working evenings and weekends does hinder your social life somewhat. So although I am not employed I am what you would call a ‘jobbing actor’ and do bits and bobs here and there to keep me going whilst on the search for the elusive casual/flexible job.

What sort of jobs have you done/doing? Would love to hear!