*Let there be cake!

I love cake – who doesn’t? – so when BakerDays approached me to review a cake for them how could I say no?!

I was asked to review their personalised letterbox cake which you can send to friends or family on a special occasion and its delivered in a matter of days through their letterbox! You can pick one of their many designs or choose your own picture which you just upload on to their order form and hey presto its on the cake! 
I firstly asked if I could try their gluten free option as I do suffer from a slight intolerance and I then sent them the photo I wanted. Three days later…..

It arrived in a neat little tin (which you could reuse for future cakes) completely intact and it also had a card and balloons! 

As you can see I chose the Sex and the City logo from the TV series with the New York skyline. It looked really good! 

I’m not usually a fan of this type of icing but its a thin layer and not nearly as sweet as other icing on shop bought cakes. The cake was light and had the kind of sweetness that is usual for gluten free cakes and I ate the cake (with a little help) in a few days so I can not tell you if it lasts the 14 days they quote I am afraid! It was just too yummy! 

The only negative point that I would have is that it didn’t actually fit through my letterbox and looking at my neighbours doors it would not fit through theirs either. Luckily someone was in to open the door but if no one had been in then it would have been taken back to the post office and there would have been a delay in getting it. For me as a blogger reviewing it that’s no problem but if it had been for a gift for someone then it would be an issue. Obviously letterboxes differ in size but its certainly something to think about. 

I would recommend this company though and aside from this type of cake they also do cupcakes and larger cakes which you can find details about on their easy to use website which you can access here.

Not only did the lovely people at BakerDays give me a free cake but they also want one of my lovely readers to win a personalised cake too! All you have to do is follow them on twitter and if you say its via here after a week I get to pick a winner! Simples 🙂 

So that is all for now! Blog soon.

Love and sprinkles 

*This is a sponsored post but as always I give my honest opinion.