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Monthly Favourites | April

Missed a month but here are my favourites from last month. Hope you all had a lovely Easter (long time ago now I know!)

Film: I binge watched a tonne of Superhero films including the recent Superman films, Batman trilogy and Captain America: Civil War. Really got into them.

TV: Line of Duty (BBC). If you are not from the UK you may not have heard about this series but its so worth a watch if you can. Tense, full of twists and turns and corrupt police and fantastic acting. Also enjoyed The Replacement (BBC) and Broadchurch (ITV)

Clothes: I have been wearing my dungaree dress loads and now its getting warmer I can wear thin tops underneath it. I bought it last autumn from Tu at Sainsburys. It was reduced to ¬£7.50 in the sale and it suits me so much more than dungarees. They don’t stock it now but you can get a practically identical one from H&M here¬†

Place: I went to Bristol for a couple of days to spend some quality time with one of my best mates. I met him whilst at University in Bristol he still lives there and I miss living there so its always nice to go back and revisit old haunts and find new ones.

That’s all for now. Lots of posts in the coming weeks to look out for!