Monthly Favourites | February

Such a cliche to say but where the hell did February go?! How can it be March and Lent and Easter and all that? Craziness I tell you. I normally give up something for Lent, this year it is coffee (day 6/40 so far so good) you can read about my views on Lent here.

So February favourites there were a few things that I enjoyed last month.

Beauty: I bought a new shaver and there was a chance to win a bottle of Nails Inc polish included. I was lucky enough to win a bottle and about 7-10 days later I received this rather lovely pink colour in the post. I also bought a couple of Time Delay products from Boots with a giftcard I got for Christmas and this luminosity serum is lovely. It was on offer for £5 and has made my skin look fresher.

TV: Broadchurch is back and is looking very promising. I have also been enjoying NCIS. I keep forgetting about it and then have to watch 2 or 3 episodes back to back but I still love this show.

Shoes: I bought some new shoes which I have not done in ages. I have been looking for some t-bar shoes that didn’t have too high a heel or looked too frumpy for literally years. Finally I struck lucky on ebay and got these practically new Clarks shoes. Can’t wait to wear them.

Films: I have been to the cinema a couple of times and also been watching some films on NowTV as have a month subscription. (I will do a full review of all the films I watch on there as it will be a lot!) Firstly I saw Trainspotting T2 which I loved, very nostalgic and Hacksaw Ridge which I surprisingly really liked and very worthy of its Oscars and praise. I also watched Spotlight on Amazon Prime as had some credit to use up so rented it for a night. That was depressingly good too and also worthy of its Oscars. Love getting in to watching films again!

That’s all for this month, blog soon xx