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Monthly Favourites | July

I am completely on top of my blogs right now and even have a few scheduled AND written a list of what posts I have planned for the rest of this month, most of September and half of October. Super organised. Probably best to be as hopefully the next few months will be busy busy with other work and personal bits and bobs. 

Anyhoo here are a few of my favourites of July. I didn’t get out much so its a bit boring I am afraid but c’est la vie.

Film: Not managed to get to cinema still to see Spiderman (and now I want to see Dunkirk) but I watched a couple of animal themed movies over the weekend which made me feel emotional (I blame the hormones!) Firstly Born Free about Elsa the lioness. Such a lovely moment at the end (no spoilers) and Gorillas in the Mist one of my favourite Sigourney Weaver films and so sad. In both instances I like to think that their legacy lives on through the animals.

Theatre: I did technically see this at the cinema thanks to NTLive but it was still a live theatrical performance. I am so glad I saw this epic marathon of a production, it was phenomenal in every sense of the word. All the actors were breathtakingly brilliant and although it was long it did not feel it at all as each segment was roughly an hour long and flew by as it was so captivating. Full review coming soon.

Food: I have been loving salads with feta cheese so much lately. When the sun was out it was so refreshing and I like the saltiness of the feta. Sadly never took a photo as ate it too quick. I also loved these chicken skewers I made (slimming world friendly of course). I marinaded them in a paprika, garlic and soya sauce which was a made up concoction. Very yum though.
chicken skewers
Friends: I have a handful of friends who I call my best friends and who I have known for many years. I don’t see them as much as I would like but I know they are there if I need them and (I hope) they know I am always there for them. I have managed to catch up with all of them this year bar one so far, so doing well! I have known them between 10 and 25 years so a fair amount of time and they know me inside out good and bad and if they are reading this (I hope they are!) I love you guys. You know who you are xxx

That is all for this month. Blog soon 🙂