Monthly Favourites | June

It is almost the end of July so this favourites post is super late but I have had sponsored posts to write and all that jazz which kind of overtook so apologies but here are my favourites of last month!

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Place – Norwich. It seems like a lifetime ago that I went to see Take That in Norwich. You can read about my trip here. I really enjoyed my short time there it was so lovely and I would definitely like to return there as there are still a lot of things to do.

Music – I have been listening to the music from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings lately. Just feel in that kind ethereal mood. I am planning on having a day to watch the entire trilogy of The Hobbit soon and the music has definitely got me in the mood.

TV –  I didn’t go to the cinema like I had planned but I watched a few good things on television. Firstly the Doctor Who finale – I actually grinned at the ending (no spoilers) and really looking forward to the Christmas special. I also watched a drama called Murdered For Being Different which was originally on BBC3 but aired on BBC1 recently. Its based on a true story about a young couple who dressed like goths and were beaten up for looking different. The girl sadly died. It was hard to watch and so very sad but worth a watch for its hard hitting and well acted portrayal. I also really enjoyed a series called Broken written by Jimmy McGovern and starred Sean Bean and Anna Friel. It was so emotionally written and fantastically acted. It was on BBC1 aswell so you can find those on the iPlayer.

Clothes – The weather has been relatively good the last few weeks so it has been really nice to get the summer dresses out and playsuits. I love summer clothes although from a woman’s perspective it is a lot more hard work and maintenance!

Beauty – My skin has been all over the place lately. A few more spots than I would like, dry patches and then oily patches very frustrating and a nightmare when it comes to choosing skincare. I picked up some Clean & Clear cleanser which has helped enormously and I have only been using it a week. I *think* I have used it before it certainly smells familiar.

That is all for this month see you soon!