Monthly Favourites | May

Monthly Favourites | May

Its so hot but hey I am NOT going to complain as I love summer, wearing summer clothes and getting a healthy tan. *Slip, slap, slop* as the Aussies say!

Here are my May monthly favourites even though its two thirds of the way through June woops.

Films: Haven’t watched many the past month but did watch Ghost for the hundredth time. Love it and feels extra sad now that Patrick Swayze is no longer with us.

Place: Devon. I went there on holiday at the beginning of May to one of my favourite places and it was heaven. Cream teas, chips, long walks and some complete R&R. Lovely.

Music: As I had plans to see Take That this month (which I did they were awesome) I listened to a lot of their stuff old and new including their current album Wonderland. I have also listened to the new Steps album – mostly at work as a colleague is a big fan! I am a 90s child through and through.

Food: I have slipped majorly off the wagon since returning from holiday. I am now determined to get the last few pesky pounds off and to try and help the bloat and push it along a bit I am going to try some new coffee and hot chocolate from a company called The Skinny Caffe*. I have been given an exclusive code for my readers so if you want to try any of their products including their new Vanilla Coffee quote ANGELAH25 at the checkout and you will get 25% off. Check out their range here.

That’s all for now. I will be posting a blog about my trip to Norwich and review of Take That very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

*I am an ambassador for The Skinny Caffe which means I get to offer you guys discount codes but I am not being paid to use their products and all views are my own. I will get a reward if readers use my code.*