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Monthly Favourites | October

Monthly Favourites | October

How is it November? I don’t care how many times I say it this year is going too too fast slow down please! Anyway here are my favourites from the month of October.


I have a free trial on Spotify which will be handy when I go away this weekend. Have been listening to George Michael’s re-released Living Without Prejudice album, as well as the new Jamiroquai album. I’m off to see Jay Kay this weekend so needed to swot up on the new stuff! Also like listening to the time capsule playlist that Spotify put together, really eclectic stuff on there.


Lots of new dramas finishing and some beginning. Our Girl and Gunpowder are two I have caught (although not seen final episodes of either as I write this). Largely due to the eye candy in both but I do enjoy a bit of blood and guts from time to time. I also watched the second series of The Hour which was on Google Play. I love Ben Wishaw and really enjoyed it shame it was axed would have loved to have seen how it developed.


I have not been doing much reading lately but I have read most of this acting book by Denis Lawson ‘The Actor and the Camera’. Its very interesting and lots of handy tips and tricks for me to learn. I went to a talk that he did to discuss this book and his career he was a very open and honest guy and very funny.


One of my favourites in the past to help combat those annoying pimples has run out and I was beginning to dislike the way it discoloured my skin a bit. So I have gone right back to basics and bought this little tube of Sudocrem. I have to say it works a charm on those pesky spots and is only £1.99.



Picked up the copper light from Primark a couple of months ago. It was £5 I think. Its not really enough light to read by, but its very pretty! I was given the Harry Potter mug for my birthday from one my best friends. I love the shape of it and the colour been using it a lot (thanks J!)