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Monthly Favourites | September

Monthly Favourites | September

September was the kind of month that came and went in a bit of a damp swirl. It was my birthday month which unfortunately I spent in bed with a horrible cold and bad throat. But I got some lovely cards and presents and also a new job which I start this week! I also got to spend a lovely weekend with my niece and nephew which made up for it. So here is a round up of my September favourites. 


I really enjoyed the series Strike based on the JK Rowling books starring Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger. If you haven’t got around to watching it yet its still on the BBC iplayer for a few more days. I look forward to the next instalment which I believe is next year.


I stumbled across a series called The Borgias whilst looking for something to watch of an evening off work. It stars Jeremy Irons as a scheming Pope set in the Vatican surrounded by an ambitious and ruthless family. They are depicted in history as the original crime family and I am loving it. I ordered the box set and have binged watched three episodes at a time. The music, filming, acting and scenery is amazing and it is something I would definitely recommend. You can buy it on Amazon here.

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The biker jacket is a classic staple of many a woman’s wardrobe and I have been wearing mine loads already whilst its warm enough. I bought mine in the sale a couple of years ago from New Look. It is real leather but you can get good faux versions from most fashion retailers right now. You can not go wrong teaming it with jeans and converse. Similar here.

september favourites


Blogger cliche alert. I love the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I had not had it before this year but I tried it and liked it very much. All bloggers across the world or so it seems, instagram it from the day it hits Starbucks. I am now one of them. I apologise. But its lovely and a bit like the gingerbread latte that comes out at Christmas.


To watch my DVD in peace and quiet I needed some new headphones and a DVD player. So with some birthday money I bought both. I got these both from Argos the headphones are foldable Sony ones and the DVD player is from ASUS. You can probably get them from Amazon too but there is an Argos right next door to my (new) job so it was quicker and easier to do that!

So there are my September favourites. Hope you all had a good one.