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Music Review | Talon Acoustic Tour

Tribute band. Those two words often conjure up images of old rockers who think they are cool butchering classic songs in a holiday clubhouse. Or that is what I had experienced until my Dad introduced me to an Eagles tribute band called ‘Talon’. Two of my favourite songs of all time are ‘Hotel California’ (Eagles) and ‘Boys of Summer’ (Don Henley lead singer of Eagles) so they had some way to impress me. 

To say I have been proved wrong is an understatement. This band are more than just a tribute act they are a bunch of extremely talented musicians in their own right who just happen to sound phenomenal singing the songs of the Eagles. My Dad has been seeing them live since 2000 and I have now seen them a number of times since about 2006. The line up has changed here and there over the years but they just get better and better. After seeing the real Eagles perform at the O2 last year, my Dad said that it just highlighted how good these guys are! They are officially the No 1 Eagles Tribute Act so they have to be doing something right – right?! 

For the past few years four of the members of the band, Chris Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Jonny Miller and Keith Buck, have performed an acoustic tour around the country. Before this year it had not graced the towns near me but finally the Dugdale Centre in North London invited them to play on Friday 6th March 2015. 

Dugdale Centre Copyright CarriesCloset

The set up on stage is 4 bar stools, 4 microphones and a keyboard. And their talent. The gig is an intimate one and banter between songs makes you feel like you are watching some friends in your living room. The songs range from Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ and Sam Smiths ‘Stay With Me’ to Totos ‘Africa‘ and an oldie ‘Java Jive’. Jonny Miller also did a brilliant rendition of Michael Jackons ‘Billie Jean’ on his own with his ukulele. They did sing a couple of Eagles tracks notably their last song of the night was the brilliant long version of Hotel California, which was a personal highlight of mine. This mix of old and new with the bare bones of accompanying musical instruments just proves to me how talented they all are. 

Stage set up Copyright CarriesCloset

When I watch programmes like ‘The Voice’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ I think to myself these guys would wipe the floor with them all if they entered, but thank the lord they save their performing for the hordes of fans all over the country that they have. And that’s another thing. After every concert no matter how big or small  the venue, they always come out front to meet the audience to chat, laugh, sign Cd’s whatever after the show. They appreciate the people who spend their time (and money) on coming to watch them but it is time and money well spent I assure you. 

The guys L-R Jonny Miller, Chris Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Keith Buck. Sorry for poor photo but was quite near front and didn’t want to take photos! Copyright CarriesCloset

Being an aspiring singer for many years myself I always come away from their shows with inspiration and ready to pick up my mic and get singing again. They are just that good. If you want anymore proof here’s a Youtube clip of them performing ‘Long Road Out of Eden’ in 2008. You would be hard pushed to tell the difference between the original version and this. Clip thanks to Jonny Miller’s channel. 

It was a great night had by all and I really hope they come back this way again on their acoustic tour – I will be first in line for a ticket.

That’s all for now. Blog soon 🙂
Love and sprinkles