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favourite bloggers
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I thought I would show some love to my favourite bloggers this Sunday afternoon just because I can. I have been following these lovely ladies for some time most of them since I started blogging! Take a look and enjoy 🙂


Little Miss Katy – This lovely smiley lady has been on my radar since the beginning. She used to do the acting thing too until she took the brave decision to let it go and work full time. She also blogs full time, cooks scrummy recipes and posts about happy things. Superwoman! Her blog always makes me smile. Instagram

Being Erica – Also been a follower of the pink haired Aussie for a long time. Erica lives in London and is honest, funny and says it like it is about all things including food, health and fashion. Her latest travel exploits have made me green with envy and I just rate her highly. instagram

Hannah Gale – Unless you are living in a cave, I am certain that as a blogger you will have heard of this sassy lady. I only discovered her this year and basically binge watched her weekly vlogs and read her blogs pretty much as soon as they hit my inbox. She is funny, blunt, has had mental health issues which she is very honest about and recently announced she is expecting her first baby! I want her wardrobe just putting that out there. instagram

Girl on a Journey – Rosie is the writer of this fascinating blog. Not only a talented singer she decided to jack in the jobbing performer life and retrain to become a midwife! Although she still sings she is currently about to start her second year in training. Her midwife monday posts are so interesting and if you aren’t broody already, you will be after reading this! instagram

I also love the following blogs which you should also check out: (formally tinytwisst)

Take a look and leave my any links to bloggers you like! x