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My Saturday: Baking and Austen

Today was meant to be a wash out instead its balmy and humid as you like and not really a day for slaving over a hot stove, so I use the term baking very loosely!

Blue skies in my garden 🙂

When I have the kitchen to myself for a day I like to make things and Crispie Cakes are one of those things that are easy and simple to make and transport me back to being a kid and baking with my mum. Cheap to make, quick to do and delicious to eat.

The best chocolate I find for this is dark, I used 52% cocoa content as its got a really rich flavour so I eat less of them and its better for you the more cocoa it has (apparently!) However, any chocolate will do – cooking or just run of the mile commercial sweet shop chocolate.

100g (3Cups) Rice Crispies or Cocoa pops
200g Chocolate

  1. Put crispies into a bowl and melt the chocolate either in a microwave for approx 1 minute or over hot water until it melts. 
  2. Pour the melted chocolate over the crispies and mix until they are all covered. 
  3. Spoon into cases and leave to set. (You could also put mixture into a tin and make large squares instead. I would recommend putting baking parchment on first then just take that out and cut the squares on that makes it easier). 
  4. Enjoy!

So that is it, really simple and they work out with my ingredients to around 80 calories per cake so a nice little treat with a cup of tea. Which leads me nicely on to the very British film and book that I spent the day with. 
I was lent the Joanna Trollope novel ‘Sense and Sensibility’ by my sister which is basically a reworking of the Jane Austen novel set in contemporary England with mobile phones and youtube. I love the original so was a bit sceptical, but I really liked it and finished it off today. It is very funny and the characters although modern have the same traits and quirks that Austen originally wrote. It has made me want to lose myself in some period drama though. So I dug out the movie version written by and starring Emma Thompson which I LOVE (will feature in a future favourite movies post no doubt), and am going to settle down with it, my dinner, some Pimms and one of my cakes later when the heat is bearable enough to sit indoors long enough. 
If you have not seen this adaptation I heartily recommend it, for Greg Wise looking exceedingly dashing if nothing else! 
So that is what my Saturday has consisted of. What have you been up to? Have you been roasting in the heat or hiding from the storms? Let me know and I will post soon!
Love and Sprinkles