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My skincare regime


Hello everyone!

Hope you are all ok, it is a lovely day here in London and I am writing this outside in the shade enjoying it while it lasts!

So my 30 day overhaul is almost at an end and part of the plan was to get into a skincare routine day and night as I have been quite lazy lately and my skin has suffered. Whoever said spots were just a teenage phase were so so wrong! I have not bought anything new these are all items I had in my collection which were sat in a drawer/box unloved and so it was time to step it up. I have put links to all the items that are still available so if you like the sound of them just click on the link or pop into your local Boots or Superdrug and give them a try. (I would like to point out I am not being sponsored by Boots or any other party for this blog these are my own views and I just put the links so you can see prices/offers etc).

 So for the past few weeks I have been using Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask in the morning and at night. I can honestly say that there has been a vast improvement in my complexion and blemishes – why have I not been using this before?! It is so simple to use and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clear ready for moisturising. You can also use it as a mask once or twice a week to really clean those pores. Thoroughly recommend this and not too expensive. I then use Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Prevention Day Moisturiser which contains SPF15. I used to use this a lot and then got bored and started using other makes and types but thought I would go back to this and now I remember why I like it so much. It is cool and lovely to put on, you only need a small amount to make your skin feel supple and smooth and a lot of people say I look younger than I am so maybe the wrinkles have been prevented! It is not cheap (for me on a budget) so I try and get it on offer but I really like it a lot and will be buying it again once I run out. When my skin is extra shiny or going through an oily phase then I have used Garnier Mattifying Cream which works pretty well. It does feel a little strange when you first put it on, you really only need a small amount but work it in your skin well as it can feel a bit rough compared to other creams but it does the job. If I do have any spots then I like the Boots Tea tree and Witch Hazel range including this Cleansing and Toning Lotion. A wipe over your spot at night time or if its a real beauty of a spot press a cotton pad on it for about five minutes soaked in it and I find by morning the redness and swelling has gone down dramatically and can be covered easily with concealer. Keep using until it disappears and this stuff definitely makes that process quicker, it also lasts a long time.

When it comes to pampering I like to have a nice long hot bath and use a mask or similar while I am relaxing. This No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser is lovely. I bought it when I had a Boots Voucher given to me (one of those free ones you get when you spend over £5 and never know what to buy with it as No7 is expensive and all items are a lot more than £5?!) It comes with a muslin cloth which after you have smothered your dry skin with the product you wet with warm water, lay on your face and lay back looking like a dead mummy! I like to leave it on for at least five minutes sometimes ten depending on how dehydrated my skin is. Then you wipe it off with the cloth, pat with cold water and pat dry. Et voila smooth and clean skin! Feels like you have had a facial and its lasted a pretty long time as its a big bottle and again you only need a little bit.
In terms of masks I am a bit obsessed with them and have three or four on the go, I love peel off ones especially – something really satisfying about peeling them off (I am weird I know!) My two current favourites are Avon’s Blemish Clearing peel off mask which my sister recommended to me. You can actually see the dirt that has come out your pores when you take it off – gross but awesome too! A bit like those strips that you stick to your nose and forehead that used to be the ‘thing’ to use. I found my skin was too sensitive for the harshness of those so this is a better solution. I also tried this Montagne Chocolate Mask in the past couple of weeks and the smell is AMAZING! It is like you have melted chocolate and smothered your face in it, which is great if you are a chocoholic like me 🙂 But it also does the job and makes your skin feel peachy smooth so bonus!
When I have finally finished pampering myself in the bath, I like to put on a body cream straight after whilst the pores are open from the heat. I love my Boots Skin Silk Body Cream but am sad to learn that they no longer do it (well it is not on the website) so I shall have to find a substitute – any recommendations?

That is it really in a nutshell. I don’t like to use too many products but like to keep things simple and effective.

Let me know if you like some of the things I use, or can recommend alternative, things you like or dislike would be very interested to hear.

Enjoy the sun if you have it and I shall blog soon!
Bye for now 🙂

Love and sprinkles