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My week in photos – Part Deux

I did this post two months ago and I like looking at peoples Instagram photos and being nosey and so I thought I would share mine. 
I post random stuff on mine from cats to chocolate so enjoy! It isn’t really a week just 6 days but whose counting?!

Wednesday 6th May

I came back from holiday on the Monday and this was in the post waiting for me. Its my number for taking part in the annual ‘Race for Life 5k’ which is in aid of Cancer Research. I have taken part in this four times since 2005 and every time I do it, I seem to be doing it for someone new either in support of or in memory of which is frightening. I am also volunteering at the race in Regents Park on 30th May with some other bloggers (courtesy of @LDNmeetup) so I will be blogging about that come the time. If you want to donate you can do here

Thursday 7th May

This was election day in the UK so after a meeting at the job centre I went and voted at my local polling station. The outcome might not be to everyone’s satisfaction but come what may we have a new government and so we have to see what happens. I popped into my local WHSmiths who always have chocolate at £1 so its very hard to resist. This was my treat day and I ate this whilst watching the votes coming in until a stupid time!

Friday 8th May

Another day, another meeting but this one was a waste of time as apparently it wasn’t necessary for me to traipse up there at 9.30am. Humph. I was craving a mocha with whipped cream but after trying on some clothes in New Look from the sales and being pretty repulsed at the reflection, I decided against it and opted for a tea with skimmed milk. Healthy diet starts now!

Saturday 9th May

real techniques mini brushes

It was lovely weather on Saturday so I decided to wash my make up brushes and give them a good clean and air dry. Very satisfying. The little mini brushes are a set I got to take on holiday they are so cute and from Real Techniques. I love them. I then sat in the garden for the best part of the afternoon reading a book and my little furry friend was joining me. She is a sweetie (at times!)

Sunday 10th May

Another beautiful day of sunshine and relaxing. After watching the VE day service from Westminster Abbey on TV I located to the garden and chilled watching the many planes going overhead trying to figure out what airline it was. Anyone else do that?!

Monday 11th May

A day of job hunting and the like so I went to bed early with an Options Hot Chocolate (Orange flavour yum) and my book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. Its a good read actually though its hard not to imagine the actors as the characters and the way they speak. From reading this the film was a good interpretation of the book actually but I am interested to see how the TV series Hannibal portrays the main character from this ‘Francis Dolarhyde’ who is being played by a favourite actor of mine Richard Armitage.

So there you have it my week in pictures. What have you been up? Any exciting plans? Let me know.

Love and sprinkles