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My week in photos

I have had an interesting week in terms of my blog. Views have gone up considerably largely down to a review I wrote about an acoustic gig which you can read here. Happily those who read that have been reading other posts too and so I am tantalisingly close to 200 followers which means one thing GIVEAWAY! So thank you for reading and please keep sharing the love.

Seeing as it has been a good week I thought I would post a few photos about what has been happening.


I love a Starbucks and I love finding some loose change at the bottom of my handbag when I am skint even more! I gave up drinking a daily coffee quite a while ago to see if it made any difference to the regularity of my migraines (it did) so now I often buy a tea which is only £1.80. I also bought some shortbread biscuits due to giving up cake and chocolate for Lent but they are yummy and £1.20. Hurrah for unexpected treats!


Red Nose Day! If you live in the UK, unless you live under a bush, its fairly likely that you would of heard of this charity night which took place on Friday 13th. There is all sorts of things you can do to raise money or merchandise you can buy or you can simply donate. The money goes to help children in Africa, help set up medical centres, vaccinations, water etc as well as helping those in need over here including child carers and old people. It was set up 30 years ago and has raised over £1bn! Amid the madness and comedy on Friday there were some really touching stories which really make your heart break. Its not too late to donate you can find out more here


My back has decided to seize up so on Saturday I was laid up on the sofa with a hot water bottle watching the rugby. I also had some rather delicious home made scones with cream and jam. Not diet friendly but ever so yummy. Food is the medicine of all ills if you ask me!


Mothers Day as discussed here was on Sunday. These rather lovely flowers were gifted to me from for writing my blog which was rather nice of them and of course they were given to my Mum. They actually arrived on Saturday packaged in a large box and I am pretty happy with them. I had of course bought my Mum some other things (I am not a cheapskate) and I managed to cook her a roast dinner despite my back so all was lovely. Did you have a good day? What did you get up to?


And so today. Me and my tired back and laptop are all together job hunting and blog writing. The weather is pretty rubbish and its cold so what else can one do? If you aren’t working today what are you getting up to?

Well that’s my week in pictures hope you enjoyed? Would you like me to do a post like this again? What have you been up to this week? Let me know.

Blog soon
Love and sprinkles