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New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year everybody and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. 
Hello to all my new followers over the festive period hope you enjoy what I blog about. 
It is actually my six month anniversary of blogging – that has come round really quickly – and I have enjoyed it so much and intend to carry on and hopefully expand my blog this year. 

January is always a bit of a downer for me I don’t like it much, always a bit of a slump after Christmas and normally with a few extra pounds to carry around. For the past couple of years I have always tried to book something to look forward to after Christmas to keep spirits up. Last year I went to see Henry V with one of my best mates with the divine Jude Law in the starring role, it was a great play and he really surprised me with his stage presence. This year I have actually got some work pencilled in so I will be the one performing! I’m *hopefully* singing at a gig, performing an extract and filming a short film. So I won’t have time to have the January blues! 
I do have time to set myself some goals for the year. I have always made resolutions and like many of us never keep them. So for the past few years I have set myself goals – small or big – but achievable goals that I can work on throughout the year. Looking back on last years sadly I have not achieved any of them really but this year is going to be different and here are just a couple.
1. Keep blogging
As I stated before, I enjoy blogging and over the past couple of months I have been sent samples to blog about and also been featured on Best LDN Walks website so I hope that continues. I have also been ‘chatting’ to a couple of bloggers who inspired me and hopefully I will get to meet them in the flesh this year (Erica and Katy)!
2. Keep on taking care of my appearance and eating healthily.
I was doing so well before Christmas and managed to lose 9lbs so hopefully I will continue in that vein now and get to my ideal target weight. Also its not just about losing weight but changing my attitude to food and stop comfort eating!
3. Buy clothes I like and not worry about whats in fashion/style
Recently I bought a bit of jewellery which I have been wanting for ages but thought it might be silly/geeky/odd. But I found it on eBay at a really low price and so I thought why not as its so pretty. If any of you are Lord of the Rings fans you might recognise it as being the pendant that Arwen (played by Liv Tyler) wears. Its so pretty and I love it. I need to buy more things that I like and forget what the magazines tell us to wear. 

4. See my friends and family more
We had a couple of bits of sad news over Christmas involving people who had passed away. Neither were ill and one was my age who I went to school with. You forget sometimes how fragile life is and how time goes by so fast. Life is short and precious and I need to make sure I make the most of it and that includes seeing my friends and family more.
I have some other personal goals too but these are just a few. If you follow me on twitter or instagram I will be using the hashtag #newyearnewme for things that I am achieving goal wise so keep your eye out!
Have you got any resolutions or goals for 2015? Do you give up after a month or manage to stick to something? Let me know!
Watch out for a new blog soon about my favourite period dramas!
Love and sprinkles