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November in pictures

I’ve done a couple of photo blogs before ‘my week in pictures’ but this month has been particularly slow and uneventful so I thought I would do a month and I think I might make it a regular post.  Good idea?

So the begining of November started off with a memorial service at my local church. It was the 1st of the month and is actually called All Souls Day. Some churches including mine hold a service for people to remember those who have died. We lit a candle and the names of those who were being remembered were read out including my Uncle who passed away this year. A sad but also poignant service.
Also a poignant day is Remembrance Day on 11th. I think its important that we still remember those who fought in the past and those who are still fighting to this day for the freedom and safety of us all. In light of what happened in Paris recently it highlights the fact that there is always someone out there posing danger to our country and there are still those who are willing to fight for us.
Something more trivial and shallow but new make up! The brand NYX is being talked about so much especially with bloggers and I have heard nothing but good things about the soft matte lip cream so I have purchased a nude and a pink to try. Thank goodness for Very and its account discounts and loyal customer offers! I tried the nude the other day and it lasted ages even after eating so yep impressed. Will write a full review about them all soon.
I do like a coffee but do not drink it out as much these days due to migraines. However I had to try the Gingerbread latte from Costa and it was delicious. I like the fact they do sugar free syrup as well as skimmed milk. I also had to instagram my first festive cup from Starbucks total blogger cliche but its so pretty.
I picked up a few Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago. I love Christmas I get it from my Dad and its definitely rubbed off on me and my sister. Come tomorrow and my room will be decorated with lights, candles and a mini tree. Bliss!
Staying with a Christmas theme I went to a school fayre at the weekend. It just so happened to be my old primary school. The photo is of the nursery I attended and it hasnt changed much at all. I felt quite emotional seeing the little pegs and the tiny chairs and tables. I had a little nose around the classrooms and the hall with the same wall bars! We had a go on the tombola and raffles etc it was fun.
So my new slippers are rather festive looking but are actually a fair isle pattern. They were a pressie and cost £10 from a high street store called Peacocks.
Finally my cat who has been spending a lot of time indoors lately. Firstly as the weather is pretty rubbish and secondly a ginger tom twice the size of her keeps going for her and making her agitated. Even though she scratched my nose I forgive her shes too cute.

So thats all folks. Until next time.

Love and sprinkles