October Book Reviews

Along with monthly recipes, I have decided to do a monthly round up of books that I have read.
I wont give away spoilers, and I will mark it out of 5.

1. Lindsey Kelk – About A Girl
I cannot tell you how much I love this girl. I love all her books without exception. I wrote about my love for her ‘I love” collection here and this book is the start of a new bunch of characters including the main subject Tess Brookes. It has a similar vibe to the previous mentioned books and just as funny and witty. Her characters are just so relatable and I got through this in a couple of evenings. I actually picked this up when it came free with a magazine but I shall be scouring charity shops for the others in this series or popping them on my Christmas list. The main crux of the story is that Tess Brookes is at a crossroads in her life and one fateful day after answering a phone call for her bitch of a flatmate she pretends she is her and jets off on a photo shoot as the photographer. Mishaps, miscommunication and love factor in this hilarious tale and I can not wait to read the next instalment.
2. Ann Pearlman – Christmas Cookie Club
I was given this as a Christmas present. I often get a Christmas themed book in my stocking every year, its like a tradition. This is a very sweet, thoughtful, comforting book to read all curled up in bed. A group of ladies of differing ages get together every year at Christmas, make a batch of cookies which they share around and catch up on their lives whilst eating them and drinking. Each one of them has a tale to tell and each chapter is dedicated to a character and some of the stories are intertwined. What I like as well is that at the beginning of each chapter, the author has written the actual recipe of the cookie the character has made . A nice little touch I think. Sweet is the best word to sum this up.
3. Paula Hawkins – A Girl on a Train
Unless you have been living on planet Mars for the past year or so then there is no need for an introduction to this book. It has been made into a film (which I am hoping to see next week) and as the maiden publication for this author its incredible. I picked it up as wanted to read it before I saw the film and could not put it down, it was so addictive. Rachel is a lonely, alcoholic who makes up stories about a couple she sees as she passes by their house on her way to work – on a train. But what happens when she thinks she sees something? Why does she keep pestering her ex husband and his new wife? What happened to her in the underpass? So many questions and without giving away any spoilers you only get the answers right near the end! So so good. I hope that Hawkins produces more great thrillers like this in the future.
4. Vanessa Greene – Seafront Cafe
This is a charity find and purely picked up due to the name. Anything with cake shops, bakery or sea themes and I am on it. I loved this. A great read for the summer but just as enjoyable reading it in bed with a mug of hot chocolate! Warning to all cake lovers it makes you feel hungry and crave pastries! A single mum, a french au pair, a high flying journalist and the owner of a cafe all come together in this tale of love, ambition, dreams and untold secrets. A few twists and turns in this make it a compelling read and I was left wanting more. I loved the characters and it made me yearn to live by the sea yet again! (Dream of mine that never seems to vanish!). I might have to check out some of the authors other books as I really liked her style of writing.
So overall a good selection with high praise and scores from me. I cant give them any lower as I loved them all just the same.
Have you read any of these? Any authors you would recommend? Let me know!