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Oscars 2017 Nominations and Predictions

I hope to watch as much of the Oscars as possible although working late last night and all day today means I might not last the night. But here are the nominations and my predictions for the main categories. (Predictions in bold)

Best Picture: La La Land, Lion, Arrival, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge, Manchester by the Sea, Fences

I have only seen one of these films but a trailer for most of them. A very tough choice but as I think La La Land will dominate tonights awards it will take this.

Best Actor: Andrew Garfield, Denzel Washington, Casey Affleck, Viggo Mortensen, Ryan Gosling

I would like Andrew Garfield to win but I feel that the board will favour Casey like the BAFTAs did.

Best Actress: Emma Stone,  Isabelle Huppert, Ruth Negga, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman

Going out on a limb here as popular choice and obvious winner is Emma Stone but I think Meryl has a good chance.

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Shannon, Mahershala Ali, Jeff Bridges, Dev Patel, Lucas Hedges

I would love for Dev to win as he did the BAFTA but my outsider is Jeff. Don’t ask me why but its a hunch.

Best Supporting Actress: Naomie Harris, Michelle Williams, Viola Davis,  Octavia Spencer,  Nicole Kidman

I think because its a low budget film and there has been a lot of chatter about it she might sneak it though Viola Davis would be my choice. An OBE and an Oscar in 1 week would be pretty cool if Naomie does win.

Best Director: Mel Gibson, Barry Jenkins, Kenneth Lonergan, Denis Villenuve, Damien Chazelle 

La La Lands director will triumph here I think although I am sure some people would like to see Mel Gibson win (including me Hacksaw Ridge was great). After all the personal battles he has been through he has come out the other side and found his niche in directing. Even if he is still abit odd.

Grab your popcorn its almost time!