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Some happy things…

Its been nearly a month since I last posted a blog I have just been super busy and organising my life! Its all positive good stuff and so this is just to update on some happy things that are enriching my world right now 🙂

  1. I have a job. Part time and doing something I enjoy which fits around my job as a jobbing actress. People are nice, area is nice and two weeks on so far so good. Just very thankful to be in employment again.
  2. I have an agent. Signed and sealed for a year which means they do the leg work in finding me work! Another step in the right direction of the winding and bumpy road of being an actor.
  3. Cocktails with my best friend. First night out for her since the birth of her daughter and we drank far too many Bellini’s but it was so worth it!
  4. Tennis. It is Wimbledon time and I love tennis all throughout the year but there is something special about the green grass of Wimbledon. I don’t have tickets this year but am watching it every day when I am not working and cross fingers its Andy Murray’s year again!
  5. Impending trips. Hopefully going to Bristol to catch up with another of my best friends who I have not seen since last year! Also want to try and sort out a little trip away for the autumn perhaps somewhere on my short break wish list.
  6. Swimming. Still going once a week and up to 40 lengths now! Losing weight and toning up slowly, very slowly. Slow and steady wins the race so they say.
  7. Music! Loved watching Glastonbury on the TV and really enjoyed the sets of Muse, Adele and Coldplay. Made me want to go to Reading Festival again perhaps next year, not been for years and do not go to any gigs these days when I used to go to loads. That is set to change as have tickets booked to see Ash in December who are celebrating 20 years of the release of their first album 1977. Hopefully the first of many gigs to come.
So that’s it a few happy things. Life is good. Hope you are all doing great too.