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Strictly Take That!

I am an unashamed Take That fan. I loved them when they were first around in the 90s and had loads of posters  on my wall (Mark Owen was always my favourite). I had stopped listening to them by the time they disbanded as I had moved on to Britpop – predominantly Blur so I was not one of the crying and screaming girls who phoned a helpline when Gary Barlow uttered “we are no more”. 
However roll on ten years or so and Take That reformed – minus Robbie Williams – and became a fully grown up man band and three albums later – they have just released their fourth – they are as popular as ever. They have been through some changes, Robbie came back for a while and now Jason Orange has left so it is just the three of them. 
I never got to see them perform back in the day, but in 2009 I finally got to see them live. It was The Circus tour and I saw them in Cardiff. It was fantastic and they really know how to put on a show. I was not bothered about seeing them on their last tour – I am not a Robbie fan – but I really want to see them next year. Donations gratefully received for ticket fund!
So anyway – onto the purpose of this post. I applied for free tickets to see them do a pre-recording for Strictly Come Dancing (along with the band One Republic). You can apply for free tickets to be a part of the audience all the time but obviously with popular shows like this and Graham Norton’s chat show it is really hard to be one of the lucky ones. Imagine my surprise and delight when I got the email to say “Congratulations you have been successful in getting two tickets to go!” I actually squealed with delight I can tell you! I love the Strictly show anyway so getting the chance to see the studio and professional dancers would be a bonus. I asked my mum to come along as she loves the show too and also enjoys Take That. 

So on a cold and slightly soggy Friday we headed to Elstree Studios – where EastEnders and Holby City are filmed among other chat shows etc. We had our ticket validated by the lovely studio audience team to confirm we indeed were in (you have to do this as they send out more tickets than they have seats. That way if people do not turn up they still get a full house). We had a few hours to kill until recording started so did some Christmas window shopping and had a meal. We then returned to the studios to take our seats and we were about 3 rows from the front and right up by the stage. For those who don’t watch Strictly this will mean nothing but for those who do then you can hazard a guess as to how close we were to the artists! Unfortunately our phones were confiscated so I have no photos which is a shame as I would have got some lovely ones of the dancers as we were in touching distance of them as they waited to go on. I wont ruin it by telling you what they performed as it was a special medley but if you tune in to the final of Strictly next Saturday 20th December that is when it will be slotted in. The dancers were amazing and performed a special routine for last weeks results show which involved water and umbrellas and took about five takes to get right! You can watch it here:

We were there for over three hours overall and got home about midnight. It was a great day and if I don’t get to see the boys at the O2 next June then I had the privilege of seeing them up close and that is worth a lot. Thank you BBC! 

Take That
Take That – The Circus Tour 2009 

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