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Summer Wishlist

I know a lot of bloggers do these wishlists every month but as I mention on my About Me page, I am currently saving up to rent my own place with a possible hopeful move to Devon by the end of the year at the latest. This is going to be taking up a lot of cash what little I have and so hauls and wishlists will be few and far between – at the moment. That does not mean there wont be any, just not as frequent as others.
However like any normal person/woman/blogger there are things I very much DO have on my wishlist both big and small.

These are things which I am going to have to save up for as they are not a few pounds but falling into tens of pounds. The first thing which I am dying for is a new laptop. Mine is still going – just- but overheats, has buttons missing and I am scared it is going to pack up one day and die on me. I have seen this lovely hp laptop on Very and it was in the sale but now its not but it is still currently only £299 which is not bad I don’t think especially as it comes with Microsoft Student Edition 2013 and has a touchscreen. Pretty nifty. Once I get a job then it will be the first thing I get. The second thing which is high on my priorities is a new phone. I have a Blackberry but having all sorts of problems with my network and getting fed up so am thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy Ace.I am used to the apps as I have a tablet from the same make and I am not into iphones so this looks like a good design with all the functions I need with a 5MP camera included so can take decent pictures for my blog. Lastly a new pair of glasses. Not in desperate need but have seen some really cool ones like in the picture and might get some sooner rather than later before they go out of fashion!

These little gems are items I hope to purchase really soon as in the next week or two. I saw some cute stationary in Wilkinsons the other day and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on selected notebooks and things. I need a weekly planner to sort my life out! My blogging is taking up a fair bit of time now (I am taking it very seriously) and project move is picking up pace so although I have a diary for mundane stuff like appointments and meetings and hair, this is for the funner stuff. I also need some new notebooks – one for the blogging stuff and one for the project move stuff. Both these little cuties are from a new range Wilkos has got called Balance and they are rather fetching don’t you think?!
I am an on and off customer of Avon. It has always featured in my life as my Nan used to get the catalogue, then my mum did, then we didn’t have it for a while and then the past few years a representative has appeared in my mums area and so we get one again. Their nail varnish remover is a staple in our house and I have tried other makes and brands and pads and all sorts but always come back to this. It does not smell half as pungent as the others and it makes even the sturdiest nail varnish come off. As mine is running low, I will be needing a new bottle. I commented in my Boots Haul about an overnight foot cream I might get – well it is on offer so I am going to try it. And finally nail varnish.I will have to do a post about this little gem as I have got a large array of little pots all different colours. Avon has not filled me with much enthusiasm in the past however, as some of the colours I bought were not anything like they should of been and they were gloopy and quite frankly rubbish. Until I bought their new Gel Finish Nail Enamel. I bought it in Lavender which is a gorgeous colour and its shiny and stays on for days even with washing up and cooking. It does not really chip either rather it wears off at the edges so does not look quite as bad and means you can touch it up quickly easier if you need to go out in a hurry. I want to get some bright colours like orange and yellow while it is still on offer at half price.
And that is it really. Not a huge list but things I am hopeful of getting as soon as money allows.
Bye for now, as always let me know what you think.
Love and sprinkles