Tips for travelling by train

I went on a trip to the South West by train recently and whilst relaxing in my seat I thought of some tips for travelling that might come in useful.

  1. Might sound obvious but book in advance. You can buy tickets up to three months in advance. It is also cheaper to buy two singles. Obviously if you change your plans these type of tickets are non refundable but you can change the dates for £10.
  2. Book a quiet coach. If you have kids then this is not a viable option unless they are super quiet but if like me you want some peace and quiet its heaven. No people chatting on mobiles and although you can use tablets and laptops, headphones are a must and noise to be kept to a minimum. You can choose the quiet coach option when booking.
  3. Buy your food before you board. If you do buy a seat in the quiet coach it is normally coach A which is right at the opposite end of the train to the buffet car. If you travel alone then leaving your stuff while you wend your way there and back is probably not overly safe and the prices are astronomical too. Hence why I often pop into the Sainsburys or Boots and buy a meal deal for £3. Sorted.
  4.  Take something to read/watch/listen too. Staring out at the view is nice for about 20 minutes but then I like to do something to pass the time. Some rail networks have free Wifi now which is very handy if you want to email, blog or watch iplayer.
  5. Wear layers and comfortable clothing. Air conditioning can sometimes be too strong or non existant. Like with travelling by plane you are sitting down for long periods of time so comfort is key. You can then relax and be comfortable for the whole journey.
That is it. Next decision is where to go next?! Happy travels.