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Wanderlust | Far Flung Places

 a strong desire to travel 

I wrote about places I would like to visit in the UK over the next few months/years but there are some countries and cities on my bucket list that I have always wanted to go to much further afield. I hope to go to at least one of them in the next five years but the money and long haul flight are obstacles that will hinder me – hopefully one day though.

India – The food, the bright colours, the brashness and the culture. All of it just appeals to me and despite the worry of getting ‘delhi belly’ I truly hope that one day I get to sample the delights of India one day including going to see the majestic Taj Mahal pictured.

New Zealand – I could have chosen a beautiful scenic landscape with mountains and snow which is certainly appealing and a large part of the urge to travel here. But I saw this image of Hobbiton and had to put it here instead as its also a massive reason to go here as I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings books/films. I have seen great trips where you can explore both of the islands, go whale watching, explore the caves and beaches etc and the only thing aside from the cost stopping me is the long flight. I would have to break it up for sure as I can only just cope with a 4 hour flight at the moment! But I will go here one day – I have too.

Los Angeles – Hollywood hills, wannabe actress, no explanation needed really is there?! Could be a good stop over on the way to New Zealand for a couple of days. I am sure there is lots to do there aside from the usual tourist traps too.

Well thats a few of my bucket list destinations. What on yours?

Images thanks to Unsplash