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What’s in my bag?!



I know this is such an old tag that has done the rounds on blogs but I am still having writers blog so thought I would give it a whirl.
If you want a neat, minimalistic, dont carry anything around kind of handbag contents then move along as I have lots of stuff in my bag.


Bag: Avon – its a couple of years old but they sell bags all the time of a similar size


So roughly from the top of photo L-R:
A4 File from WHSmiths which I currently carry notes around in (scripts, rehearsal schedules, directions to auditions etc at the moment)
Small bottle of tap water I always take around with me
Beanie hat – for those bad hair days
Packet of tissues
Umbrella – it was a gift but I know its from Avon
Phone charger – always dying lately
Folding brush and mirror – again another Avon purchase
Receipts – mostly Boots
Empty bag of mini eggs
Folding bag (the pig) a must have these days so you don’t have to pay 5p for a bag everywhere!
Highlighter pen
Tanya Burr Lipgloss (Afternoon Tea colour)
Impulse body spray
Boots giftcard
Old train ticket
Small memo pad WHSmith
Powdered paper Body Shop – for those shiny moments
Antibacterial hand gel
Mini map of London – very handy

I also have my oyster card in one of the front pockets

That’s it! Is that a lot? Do you carry a lot of stuff in your bag? Would love to see some of your blogs post the links below.