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Year so far in pictures

This year is starting off pretty well don’t want to jinx anything but things are looking up!

I got a new Take That CD and DVD for Christmas (yes I am a teenager again!) but sometimes I just want to sing along to the oldies. So I get this out and raise my arms in the air like I just don’t care “Never Forget la la la ”
So many well known faces have passed away already this year and the one that made me feel the saddest of all was Alan Rickman. A lot of my readers will probably know him best for Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series but I have been a fan of his for many years – there was just something about him that was so charismatic. One of my favourite roles of his was as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, I love that film and its largely down to his character and of course Kate Winslet. He will be sadly missed. Can Cancer just bugger off now and stop taking all the good ones!
My new favourite coffee shop is Costa. Sorry Starbucks but I am cheating on you. I like the coffee better it doesn’t taste quite as bitter and there’s a new one near where I live which I just can see myself sitting in blogging/people watching in for hours.
I have not partaken in any acting work for a year ( I did spend half of last year not bothering due to operation) but this year is looking up and I have already recorded some voice work. Happy days.
I love a good bake and I made these little lemon drizzle cakes one rainy day. Yum yum in my fat tum. You can find my recipe for them on my post here.
I love a pretty diary and I fell in love with my Busy B one last year so had to get one this year. It has two sides so you can have work dates on one and home/social stuff on the other or whatever you choose to do with it. I have work/blog stuff one side and home stuff the other makes things so much easier. They sell out super fast though so you have to be quick when they go on sale around September/October time. You can find their range here. I also need to lose the rest of my weight that has been hanging around for far too long and I have a wedding to attend in 7 months so I have a target for looking my best. I picked this Doodle Diet Diary up from The Works for a mere £3.99 after seeing it on Instagram and I plan to document all food eaten and exercise taken from this point onwards. I don’t think they have them in stock anymore though I actually got mine on eBay The Works store so check that out.
I have not travelled much or that far by myself lately and I still avoid the tube as much as possible but I am getting better and more confident. The prospect of getting a panic attack whilst travelling does play on my mind when I have not done it for a while, so the answer is to try and do it more regularly.
I went to the outskirts of London last week to meet my best mates baby daughter who she had two weeks ago. I have grown up with this woman and we have known each since we were around 12/13 so way too many years to admit too! And now she is a mum to a beautiful little munchkin and I love her and Mummy deserves a medal for the worst pregnancy and labour in the world!
Finally my little fur baby who delights in getting into boxes whenever she can. No idea how she was comfortable in this wedged in like she did but she had a snooze for a while. No picture collage is complete without her little furry face.

So there we have it new beginnings for all an exciting and hopefully successful year is ahead.
That’s all for now.