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A – Z of Loves and Hates | Part 3

A – Z of Loves and Hates | Part 3

Next in my series of my loves and hates. This month it is K РO. Let me know if you agree/disagree/what your loves and hates are. 


Knowledge – Kickboxing – Karaoke
Laughing – Literature – Love – Leaves
Movies – Music – Magic
Nail Varnish – Night time – Nans
Oreos – Oscar season


Knots – Knives
Liver – Liars
Mosquitoes – Marmalade
The word ‘Nom’ – Needles – Nastiness
Oranges – Olives

That is all for now. Blog posts are a day late this week due to not having time to do them sorry but there will still be two more this week on Thursday and Sunday.

Blog soon!

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